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Manufacturers of Plastic Injection Moulds.
Mould maker since 1986, Kishore Industries is renowned for making productive, economical and long lasting Plastic Injection Moulds. Products from our moulds find application in a wide variety of sectors and with a wide variety of plastic raw materials.
Our Strengths :
  • Fast deliveries- we can make an averagely complex mould within 25 days.
  • On-time deliveries
  • Complete service from mould design to in-house validation.
  • Our experience with a wide variety of polymers and applications
Core Capabilities :
  • Creation of 3D models from proto samples
  • Mould Design
  • Design validation: Mould flow analysis
  • Manufacturing and assembly of moulds
  • Mould Validation
Other Services :
  • Mould bases/ die sets
  • Die casting dies
  • Press tools
  • Sized and finished steel plates
  • Plastic parts
  • Engineering assemblies
Kabra Group : Manufacturer of Plastic Injection Muolds
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